Spirituality and Politics

pirituality is simply what comes from within. What feels right for us, and that comes primarily from understanding who we are. There are things that feel right for us, things that don’t, things we want and things don’t want. Living spiritually does not mean sitting on a mountain top meditating, or divorcing ourselves from the physical world. aoomaal

If we could come to know ourselves perfectly and follow that understanding we would be following a spiritual life even if to others it would appear to be a purely physical life. The difference would be that we do not have to look for gurus, leaders or masters in any form in the physical world. We have our master and guru within. This does not mean ignoring everything that was said by others only that we hear in relation in what feels right to us.

Politics is a reality we have to live with. We have to live with the physical consequences of politics. If we ignore politics and end up in a world we do not like we cannot complain. Many things can be changed if we have the will, and even if we fail we have succeeded if we have fulfilled our spiritual being as best we can.  inbedpage

There is the illusion that in Australia we live in a democracy. We do not. Voting does not make a democracy unless politicians tell the truth. All that happens is that we vote for lies with no idea what the outcome will be.

This is spirituality comes into politics. It is not a case of being a spiritual way to vote or not vote, but asking the question ‘Are being told the truth?’

In the physical world truth is a rare commodity. We have Politicians telling us their version of truth that is distorted to fit the out comes they want, which may or may not be for the common good. kingymab

In my book Alternative Genesis I raise the issue of a very common way politicians tell lies. This is accomplished by telling lies in a way that cannot be shown to be a lie so that people will accept the lie as truth in the absence of proof to the contrary. This was the basic format used by the Spanish Inquisition.

As you read this try to find a way of proving you are not a Witch. You are probably not a Witch, or at least not the type that flies around on a broomstick. But can you prove it?

The basic format of the Spanish Inquisition was to start with a campaign of lies and misinformation, raise the level of lies and misinformation to fear and loathing, and then destroy. The crucial element is that there must never be a means by which the lies and misinformation can be proved to be untrue and that the lies must be repeated over and over to normalise them. The lies need to become ‘common knowledge.’ That sums up Australian Politics at this time. Lie after lie repeated over and over with no scrutiny as to if they can be supported in any way. todaybusinessedition

The answers to this form of political distortion come from within. Ask yourself if the statements made by politicians can be supported. Don’t be surprised if you answer does not conform to the herds of people believing that repetition equals truth. This is how it is with thinking spiritually. Often what you know is opposite to external ‘wisdoms.’

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